Thursday, 27 December 2012

Heavy Weapons Squad Part 1

In addition to the work continuing on the Cataphratii terminators, a Landraider and far far too may Mark IV marines, I've been painting a squad of five Heavy Weapons marines, each armed with an Autocannon. I've not played a game of 40k in several editions so I'm generally less concerned around how well the miniature plays compared to how it looks.

I really like the look of the Mark III plate and the autocannon.

Cataphractii Terminator Squad Part 1

Finally recovered from too-much-turkey, I found the time yesterday to complete the weathering of the first three of a five marine Cataphractii squad.  It took several attempts to get a colour scheme for terminator pattern plate and therefore some of the paintwork isn't as clean as I'd normally like. However, overall I'm pretty happy with the way these came out.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Breacher Squad Part 2

After completing the four remaining Tactical marines for my Mark II squad, I had time to finish off three more of the Mark III Breacher squad I started earlier in the week. Five now complete, with five more to go.

Mark II Tactical Squad Part 2

Thanks to an early start I managed to finish off four more tactical marines making up my 10 man Mark II squad.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Mark II Tactical Squad Part 1

As I've got older, my attention span seems to become shorter (to be fair, it wasn't ever that long to start with). However, as a result I find I need to run multiple projects in parallel if I'm ever to get anything completed.

So, while I've been working on the Breaching Squad, I have also been working on a Tactical Squad comprised of ten marines in Mark II plate.

Here is the Sergeant , Vox and Vexilla bearer:


Breacher Squad Sergeant and Vox

Okay, so I may have already completed a few miniatures before I created this blog. The first couple which are ready to share are the beginnings of a ten marine Breacher Squad. Ever since I saw the artwork for Shadows of Treachery I've wanted to have a squad of these. Once Forgeworld released the updated Legion Mk III armour and the Boarding Assault set my bank balance was inevitably doomed.

With the help of the staff from my local GW store, the fine folks over at Bolter & Chainsword and much trial and error, I've finally come up with a method of painting yellow that I'm happy with. It doesn't look as good as the amazing work of Dave Taylor but I'm pleased with the result.

Hello There


I've been an avid reader of many people's excellent blogs for a number of years now but a being practitioner in the noble art of put-it-off-until-later, I've never got round to creating my own blog.

Until now at least.

Now, I don't expect to meet the same standard or frequency of posts as some of the great blogs that I follow but I do hope to at least document the progress of my new Imperial Fists pre-heresy collection. I'm sitting in a room with a surprisingly large number of boxes recently arrived from Forgeworld (and a less surprisingly empty bank account).

I've been intending to create a pre-heresy army for a number of years. Infact, on several occasions I've created a number of scratchbuilt and kit-bashed versions of the original Space Marine legions. However I've always been disappointed in the outcome.  Now that the fine folks at Forgeworld have started producing pre-heresy armour variants, I thought I'd give it another go.

So here we are, a large amount of resin kits, a small lake's worth of yellow paints and an extended period of leave over the holiday season. My Christmas shopping is done and I've run out of excuses.

Hope you enjoy the results (and if you don't), be nice ;-)