Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The limits of multi-tasking

As I've previously posted, I have a low boredom threshold and historically have suffered from painting army fatigue (better known as oh-good-grief-not-another-one syndrome). In order to make much progress I have to paint more than one thing at a time, else I grow bored of the latest paint-scheme and get distracted by the TV, latest video game or other stuff.

However there comes a time where painting multiple different armies at once becomes counter-productive. This happened to me last week.

Generally I have a painting queue setup on my desk which should go something like: Death Guard, Death Guard, Something Else, Death Guard, Something Else... etc etc - you get the idea.

Over the last week however the queue of miniatures started to look more like: Tau, Necron, Random Shiny Miniature, Death Guard, Tau. Every time I picked up a paint brush, I seemed to move the Death Guard to back of the queue and thus, I've made hardly any progress.

The only finished models from my Death Guard army are an additional Deathshroud and a Vox Astartes for my second Tactical Squad. Every thing else is still in various stages of painting and not ready to be shown.

The Deathshroud is below:
Here's the Vox Astartes
However, due to the curse of the random painting queue , I've managed to finish a couple of other models, not related to a Pre-Heresy theme.

A couple of repainted Necron Immortals in my final colour-scheme.
 Two more Tau Firewarriors finished.
I'm now finishing off a Mechanicum Tech-Priest which I've had in my unbuilt box for at least 6 years. The release of the Thallax Cohort has spurred me on to get this model finally painted.

Here's the work-in-progress.

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  1. OK, that certainly is an eclectic set of models man! I think at the end of the day as long as your enjoying painting just go with it! something about variety and spices or some such...

    Great work on all btw. The death shroud especially looks incredible. I'm guessing the poor old fists are getting left in the cold with all this Xenos work?