Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Low Standards....

The sudden arrival of weather vaguely resembling a UK spring has curtailed the amount of time I have had to paint things. Unusually for me, I found I couldn't sit indoors during the evening while the sun was still up. No doubt this won't last and I'll soon be back to my usual, bunker dweller demeanour soon.

Normally two miniatures would take a couple of evenings work maximum, however these two have been knocking about for several weeks now. As previously mentioned, the fact that one is a Standard Bearer didn't exactly help.

However, they are finally finished. Here is the, frankly not-much-fun-to-paint, Standard Bearer for my command squad.

The other model I've finished has a bit of a checkered history. I bought a set of Mark III last year to paint with the then new Citadel Paints. While the result wasn't too bad, it wasn't quite what I wanted so they got stripped back to resin with the use of a Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner and a lot of Fairy Power spray.

Finally, here's a shot of the slowly (very slowly in fact) growing Command Squad (with a visiting Apothecary).


  1. I really like that standard bearer because of the green cloth that abounds on the model. I really dig the tone of green you're using; not too dark, not too light.

    Seeing as your main focus now is your Death Guard, when will you return to your Imperial Fists (if ever)?

  2. Thanks! I really dislike painting standards - not quite sure why I keep buying them.

    I will get back to painting more 'Fists shortly. I've got ten Support Astartes to paint and I'm debating picking up some bikes.

  3. Maybe because despite not liking painting them, they're still excellent models?

    Ah, good. Glad to hear that. I'll be keeping an eye out for them.

  4. Also, perhaps despite disliking them you still do an awesome job with them. I'm really loving the death guard stuff you're throwing up here. I do miss the fists though...