Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Random update is.... Random

I'm not sure if it's the side-effects of too much chocolate but my latest batch of miniatures has taken a bit of a random turn.

First I painted the Sergeant for my second Mark II Plate Tactical Squad. He's armed with a fairly un-Death Guard flamer, but I'd run out of more interesting side-arms.

Simultaneously I competed the Icon Bearer of a Post Heresy Death Guard Squad I'm working on (using the excellent Forgeworld Plague Marine conversion).
 So far, not too random.

However delving into my over sized pile of un-built kits I spotted a box of Tau. As the new Codex is out next week, I spent some time today experimenting with a test scheme.

For the greater good... or something like that.

Finally I continued my experiments to find a colour-scheme I was happy with for my huge pile of unpainted Necrons. Here is my latest rusty weather beaten and generally not given enough WD-40, paint scheme. I think this is the one I'll stick with.


  1. The blue Osl plays nicely off the weather beaten yellow. Nice stuff. I like the tau as well. Look like how I would picture the winter tide sept from the forecasters novel I am reading.

    1. Fire caste novel - oh, auto correct you made me look foolish again -_-

    2. Hehe, Auto-Correct is not your friend :-)

      Glad you like the miniatures.