Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Death Guard Mark II Tactical Squad Finished

After a rather busy weekend visiting relatives I managed to find time last night to paint the remaining members of my first Mark II Tactical Squad. I also made a start on a small Mark IV Command Squad to accompany a Death Guard Praetor that I'd made.

More pictures can be found after the break...

Unlike my Imperial Fists who are fairly vehicle heavy, I'm intending on my Death Guard being more infantry based. From the beginning I've intended on a large number of tactical and heavy support squads commanded by a Praetor with Command Squad.

Here's the first member of the Command Squad, complete with power weapon.

My plan is to complete the rest of the Command Squad this week, however another box of stuff has just arrived from Forgeworld so I may get somewhat distracted by various large kits. Hopefully this won't happen as I'm really enjoying painting the Death Guard miniatures that I've built.

 The two tactical astartes have now joined the rest of the ten man squad. It's a nice feeling to have a completed squad of Death Guard... only another 40 or so to paint.



  1. These look amazing, good to see the Command Squad get the newer Marks of armour too, very fluffy. Great job - loving seeing this force grow.

    1. Thanks, really glad you like them, hopefully I'll have some more painted by the end of the weekend (unless I get distracted...)