Saturday, 19 January 2013

Aren't you a bit hairy to be an Imperial Fist?

Too much yellow was threatening to drive me insane, combined with the discovery of an annoying mis-match in shades between batches of marines. Normally I would have slouched off to watch TV or played a random shoot-em-up on one of the consoles cluttering up my desk. However with a brief, no doubt not-to-be-repeated, flash of inspiration I instead decided to paint something else.

I've probably got enough un-opened boxes of GW miniatures to start up my own shop. Almost at random I selected a set of Wolf-Guard 40k terminators. Seeking inspiration I remembered a White Dwarf article from just before Christmas where a much more talented painter had completed a set of Space Wolf sucessor chapter models. The post can be found here.

I have shamelessly (and considerabley more ineptly) copied his excellent paint scheme.

Still I'm pretty happy with how it turned out - the picture above really doesn't do it justice unfortunately.

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