Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Random Reinforcements

Inspired by the recent release of the Dark Angels codex, I've actually spent some more time painting. I've complete a Sergeant and Nuncio-Vox Marine for my Mark IV tactical squad and finished off the Sergeant for the first Heavy Weapons Squad. Finally, as I seemed on a bit of a roll (perhaps it was just down hill) I started the weathering of my latest Landraider. Now I'm off to look for a packet of quavers... rock n'roll!

Here is the Mark IV Tactical Sergeant:

The Vox Marine:

 The Heavy Weapon Squad Sergeant:

Here's the completed Mark III Autocannon Squad:


Finally here's some further shots of the landraider Work-In-Progress:

At this point only one track has been weathered with various powders (as has much of my desk, the cat and much of the white surfaces in the bathroom...)

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