Saturday, 12 January 2013

Command Squad - Part 1

As usual my plans to keep to a regular painting schedule don't last long. A combination of work and general apathy conspired to stop me from finishing any miniatures for the last week and a half. Today I managed to find a couple of hours to at least take photos of the starts of my first command squad based around the Legion Champion and Communications Marines.

 The company champion was another miniature that I wasn't particularly happy with originally. The yellow was fine but the original scheme didn't include metal plate edges. These were added on after the completed model had already received a coat of varnish.

However I think the metal bands make for a much crisper border for the main armour plates and combined with my usual practice of a thinned oil paint wash, has made the model hang together much more sucessfully.

 The Vox Officer was in many ways much more simple to paint than the Champion. The Mark IV Plate is faster to wash and highlight than the complex Mark III.

I'll post shortly a basic tutorial on how I get the yellow to work. I've been meaning to do so for a while but I keep forgetting to take photos of miniatures as I complete each stage.

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