Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Another short deviation...

Nurgle Plaguebearers
Break out the disinfectant...
Okay, I admit it. At times I have the attention span of a goldfish... a very easily distracted goldfish. I realise this and have over the years come up with fairly elaborate coping mechanisms. Of which, some have even been successful.

However, when they are not, I end up deviating from what I really should be doing. Which is how I've ended up with a number of painted Plaguebearers recently. Oh, and some Plague Marines.

Nurgle Plaguebearers
In urgent need of a a breath mint
Nurgle Plaguebearers
A really bad case of indigestion
Nurgle Plaguebearers
Diseased pan-pipes...
I really shouldn't be allowed near a Games Workshop shop without an escort. Unlike most of my detours, which generally involve a half-hearted attempt to paint some of my backlog, until I walked past the shop I had zero Nurgle Demons in the house. Now I have two boxes...

Still I've managed to find another wash-heavy approach which I find works well for the ikky monsters. As it is a wash based method there is even a remote chance that I'll finish all of them before I retire. Perhaps.

Plague Marine
Lord Impulse Purchase, Champion of Nurgle....

Plague Marine
Sire Backlog, Exalted of Nurgle


  1. Hey man, really love the colour scheme you've got going on these. Any chance of a short run down of the method?!