Sunday, 10 February 2013

Death Guard Test Model

Pre-Heresy Death Guard
While waiting for various shades of yellow paint to dry, I spotted a set of sorry looking Mark III astartes I'd painted at the beginning of last year (when GW brought out the new paint range). They looked like I'd hit them with a paint roller and I immediately hit them with a large dose of Fairy Oven Cleaner (cuts through acrylic paints pretty quickly). However the intricate nature of Forgeworld's armour designs meant I struggled to get all the pain out of the crevices and ridge lines.

Given the cost per miniature of Forgeworld is considerably higher than GW's plastic range, I resolved to find a purpose for these 'not-quite-pristine' miniatures.

I've always wanted a Pre-Heresy Death Guard army, all the way back to when I read the original 6 line fluff in Space Marine around the seizure of the frigate Eisenstein (the was about may 1990.......). However previous attempts have never really met my expectations (and certainly won't be posted here).

Pre-Heresy Death Guard
 Following Forgeworld's recommend approach to painting Death Guard didn't really work for me either (but it did make me swear like a very cross sailor for about 30 minutes). So instead I've followed my own, oil paint and make-it-up-as-I-go-along approach.

Which I'm much happier with generally. However I have found a few things that I'm less keen on. The use of Warplock Bronze was a mistake. The paint separates into two distinct colours and is a nightmare to work-with.

I applied a thinned wash of Sepia first. I won't bother with it next time - instead I'll just use Oil Paints and a white undercoat.



  1. I had the same problem removing paint from these same minis. I used my wife's ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to strip the gunk off of the models. It worked perfectly. With such a large resin force you might want to pick one up!