Sunday, 10 February 2013

Standard Bearer

Pre-Heresy Imperial Fists Standard Bearer
Finished... at last
I may have previously mentioned that I dislike painting Standard Bearers. I dislike it... a lot. However this particular miniature has been knocking about on my painting desk for several weeks and no amount how much I pretended otherwise, I needed to finish him.

So I gritted my teeth and got on with it.

Pre-Heresy Imperial Fists Standard Bearer
Less is generally more... unless its actually just less....
 The main problem I have with Banner Bearers in general is the amount of flat space that you've got to work with. I always struggle to free-hand paint a large flat surface with a decent design and just painting the whole thing the same colour as the person holding it seems just lazy.

However while ruminating over the problem the other evening (and listening to the excellent False Gods Audio Book), the thought struck me that at the time of the Heresy, the banners might have been much less ornate (in part due to the austere nature of the Imperial Fists and in part due to the less anachronistic nature of the time). Therefore I could possibly just use a couple of Forgeworld transfers and cross my fingers.

So I did.
Pre-Heresy Imperial Fists Standard Bearer
The Third Chapter's Poor Standard....
I'm not going to win any prizes for it but it looks suitably grubby and worn while not looking completely out of place with the rest of the astartes I've been painting. So I'm happy... ish.
Pre-Heresy Imperial Fists Standard Bearer
Looks like he's holding it upright in this one...

Pre-Heresy Imperial Fists Standard Bearer
But in reality he's not...

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  1. I think it fits really well with the feel of a per heresy army and the simplicity makes it all the more impact full. Those forgeworld transfers seem really good as well, nice and clean.